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Hacking a broken Kobo Wifi

Some notes on hacking a Kobo Wifi with a broken screen:

  • Taking the case apart is difficult. A cell-phone repair kit probably would have made things easier.
  • There is a serial port available, so I soldered a header on and connected with a USB serial breakout board from Sparkfun. 115200, 8N1.
  • There was not enough working screen to set the wifi password without a lot of trial and error. Fortunately I had enough screen to scan for networks and select my AP. With the serial console I was able to hardcode the password inĀ /usr/local/Kobo/configure_wpa_network.sh.
  • This file persists across boots.
  • I enabled telnet and ftp by following these Kobo Wifi hacking instructions, but editing them directly on the filesystem over the serial console instead of creating a Koboroot.tgz
  • I noticed that wget is on the default root filesystem, which seems like an easier way of doing things.
  • Debian Wheezy ARMEL packages run on the N647 and N647B models.
  • The i2c buses don’t seem to work with the standard Linux I2C tools like i2cdetect, etc.

Here is a dump of the serial console from an N647B model.